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figured cherry wall art about herzog veneers For many years Herzog Veneers has been providing the best domestic, exotic, dyed and recomposed veneers to the world.

Whether you are an interior designer, an architect, yacht builder/designer, aircraft manufacturer, cabinet or instrument artisan; or a hobbyist our massive selection of veneers will keep you coming back to find more beautiful wood selections.

We have raw veneers, paperbacked sheets and custom panels in various sizes and quantities.

Herzog Veneer Online Store

We were also the first to create an online store to showcase all of the logs and pieces, fully imaged, that are currently available. You can view the sizes, dimensions and shapes, and will see exactly what you will get when you order. Or, use our proprietary PanelWizard® to create pie matches, book & spin matches, diamond matches, plus burl starburst pattern matches in everything from Zebrawood to European Olive Ash. This video shows the use of PanelWizard® in a project.

We welcome you to Herzog Veneers and we welcome all questions. Please contact us anytime.

Herzog Veneer CertificationsAs seasoned professionals in this field we also take responsibility to ensure that we carry FSC-certified wood veneers whenever possible. Read about our commitment to reforestation Herzog Veneer FSC commitmentand view our certifications.

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