Add Elegance and Sophistication to Your Home with Black Wood Veneers

black wood veneersWhether for classy clothing, sleek cars or dramatic home décor, black is a classic that never goes out of style. Its sophistication and elegance is timeless, with the added advantage of going with practically anything. One of the hot style trends gaining popularity in home design today is the use of black wood veneers for standout furniture and other features.

In and of itself, wood veneer is modern, beautiful and stylish. Whatever the space you’re creating, top quality wood veneers will introduce a strong sense of luxury and an appealing organic feel to your home. There’s just something about the look and texture of a natural wood veneer that can’t be beat.

In addition to the myriad array of beautiful browns, tempting tans and gorgeous greys shades available, savvy home decorators are also looking at black wood veneers to create a refreshing and dramatic change of pace for furniture, shelving and cabinetry.

Fumed Eucalyptus and dyed Anegre: Perfect for Black Wood Veneers

black wood veneersA type of wood veneer that is especially great when fumed black is eucalyptus. Fuming is the process of placing veneers into modified dry-kilns and using vacuum technology to infuse ammonia vapors into the wood. This process used to take 3-4 weeks, now with newer technology it can be accomplished in 3-5 days..

This technique turns the veneer into rich colors ranging from elegant hazelnut to rich chocolate brown or deep black. The color is light fast and goes all the way through the veneer. It also becomes more elastic. No additional stains are required.

Before the introduction of auto claves,  furniture pieces were placed in a barn where the horse’s urine’s ammonia vapors would darken the surfaces. Technology has come a long way since then! The color variations are due to the different tannin concentrations in different wood species. Other great species that lend themselves to fuming are: Oak, Larch and Zebrawood. Figured wood look especially rich when fumed. Another frequently used term for fumed is smoked.

Another great option for black wood veneer furniture is dyed Anegre. This African hardwood is another favorite among interior designers for its dense walnut like texture and, as with Eucalyptus, ability to elegantly enhance furniture pieces when dyed black. This type of wood is commonly used for cabinets, interior decorations, and various types of furniture pieces. Anegre is a durable and affordable wood.

Capitalize on Eye-Catching Contrast with Black Wood Veneer

black wood veneersThankfully, black never really does go out of style. It’s not flashy, but commands attention, especially when used to showcase contrasts with lighter backgrounds, pieces and accents. Eucalyptus and anegre are only two of many examples of wood veneers that work exceptionally well in black. Other species that come naturally with rich dark colors are : Wenge, Ebony, Bog Oak, Ipe and Louro Preto.

Consult with your design specialist about plans to incorporate and maximize the beauty of black wood veneers in your remodeling or refurnishing plans.


Sabrina Parisette-HerzogSabrina Parisette-Herzog is a 5th generation wood veneer specialist. Owner and President of Herzog Veneers, Inc., and a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, she and her husband Sam started the company in High Point, NC in 1982.
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