Architect Design with Wood Veneer

FSC-certifiedArchitects interpret dreams. They add value to projects by visualizing and recommending veneers to the client’s taste and budget. Architects design with wood veneer because wood is an integral part of our lives. Their work reflects the art of spatial design, using the natural richness wood veneers bring as major interior elements in homes and commercial buildings.

Architects usually plan for the highest quality of veneer for their projects. Whether it is an exotic or domestic species, the key to the best, “AA” architectural veneer is a consistency of color plus uniform grain, smoothness and pattern (figure).

In many prestigious commercial building applications, veneer is often used to create an impressive and striking feature wall. From curly grain to burls, the undulating patterns and grains of wood veneers capture and reflect light for a lustrous effect. Some grains and figures look 3 dimensional. There is a huge variety of colorations, patterns, texture and luster to draw from to create magnificent architectural design effect.

Why Use Wood Veneers For an Architectural Project?

Not only is there a sense of warmth and familiarity that wood evokes in people, the sheer magnificence of the patterns that are created is a visually captivating experience.

design with wood veneerSequence matching panels creates a blend of symmetrical patterns showcasing the characteristics of not only the wood but the craftsmanship of the project. Component matching, for grain continuity, creates a truly elegant effect.

Unique effects are created by special matches and contrasting the grains and patterns at the joint matching points. This kind of avant-garde look is highly artistic and stimulating to the eye.

The sustainability factor of wood veneers means a livable renewable world of wood. Herzog Veneers is committed to conservation and the sustainability of our forests and habitat. We are members of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which ensures environmentally appropriate forest management. Herzog Veneers is a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute and can offer support and assistance for architectural design with wood veneer.

Architects Create Elegance and Sophistication with Wood Veneers

design with wood veneer

There is elegance and sophistication to wood that is unmatched in any other material.

In designing a project for atmosphere and character, an architect’s creative vision and inspiration can flow from the concepts of the final finishes in a space.

Architectural Design with Wood Veneer is Not New

For many centuries European mansions and castles, as well as the most elegant homes and commercial properties, have used domestic and exotic wood veneers to create a level of refinement and grace. Today, this level of beauty can be achieved on any project using sustainable wood veneer products.

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