Architectural Veneer

In our modern world, architectural veneer is used not only to enhance spaces with the beauty of nature by adding quality to products, but also for sustainability purposes.

Veneer Fireplace Surround - Architectural Veneer

The New Age of Architectural Veneer

Architectural veneer has been around for generations and is now taking on an entirely new form. From simple accents to entire veneer creations the spectrum of veneer use in architecture has widened immensely.

Furniture to wall panels, commercial and residential exotic veneer work has upgraded all spaces. Even vintage veneer work has been restored or upgraded to create a modern feel.

Personalize With Architectural Veneers

Architectural veneer have become an incredible way to obtain personalized flair within any space that can be customized to a client’s unique taste. For the furniture enthusiast, create an exotic built-in seating area that encompasses geometric shapes with the texture of natural wood veneer while incorporating three dimensional aspects to create interest and appeal. Your veneer design will undoubtedly be an exciting conversation piece and all will enjoy its natural appeal.

High Museum Georgia Pacific Center Architectural Veneer Design
Be the first to implement your signature veneer treatments in modern or classic developments, such as this stunning treatment at the High Museum in the Georgia Pacific Center in Atlanta.

Create amazing aesthetic looks from quality veneer paired with superb craftsmanship to obtain the most beautiful exotic veneer design as a feature among the interiors of condo and townhouse residences alike. Integrate all veneered elements into future architectural designs by re-vitalizing interior components. Create unique features from ordinary finishes; influence a new wave by creating luxurious enhancements to simple doors, window casings, and even custom headboards using quality exotic veneer.

Appearance is Everything in Architectural Veneer

Utilize the stability, quality and versatility of natural veneer in architectural design. The many characteristics of natural veneer itself can greatly influence the imagination and conception of an architectural project.

Zebrawood Veneer console detailThe species of wood (varying from domestic to exotic), or the manner in which the veneer is cut, as well as how the veneer pieces are assembled together create an immense variation of artistic possibilities. Creating center designs with borders is an amazing way to create a feature in a home or commercial setting.

Using wood veneers in different patterns also greatly changes the appearance of an indoor space depending on the placement in the establishment or home. Diamond match, checkerboard, and box match are just a few design patterns.

Considering the endless variations natural veneer has to offer, the ultimate architectural design process begins with you!

Techniques in Using Natural Veneer

Veneer Door with Metal TrimThe secret to customization is in technique. The right exotic veneer paired with deft craftsmanship can elevate the look and feel of any architectural design. Using intricate molding and placement techniques is a method of creating a special look. Technology and modern style has taken the utilization of natural veneers to another level.

From beautiful wall sconces, interior accents with inlaid metal, the uses of exotic and domestic wood veneers have become a staple in contemporary design.

The aesthetic of natural wood veneer has captivated people since the beginning of time and now that quality veneers are easily accessible, this elegant aesthetic can complement the architectural veneer design of any space.

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