Cabinet Veneer

Elegant Cabinet Veneer for Aesthetics in the Kitchen

cabinet veneerObtain a radiant, stunning look in your cabinetry with natural wood cabinet veneers. There are endless options within the selections of styles and grain details with domestic, exotic and dyed veneers.

Imagine a kitchen theme: with cream colored walls, beautiful granite counter tops and back splash, modern stainless steel appliances … all complimented with spectacular burl custom-made cabinetry. Add in elegant task lighting and you have an exquisite contemporary kitchen with veneer cabinets.

And here it is:
cabinet veneer
cabinet veneer
The burl veneer is elegant and interesting with the “book matched” sequenced matching on the cabinet doors.

The color of the granite and the burl veneer is a superb paired combination that harmonizes with the light wall color bringing a warm and inviting glow to the entire kitchen space.

Practicality, Cost and the Environment with Veneer Cabinets

Wood veneer on the proper substrate and a balanced back does not bend or distort and it has the ability to withstand damage from humidity and different temperatures. This makes cleaning and maintenance practically effortless.

Using a wood veneer product always provides a homey warm feel to any space. And since the kitchen is the heart of the house, let your cabinets bring the feeling of nature inside, choosing from our vast inventory of the finest quality selection at Herzog Veneers.

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