Dance to a Decorative Beat: Wood Veneer on Drums

wood veneer on drumsVarious wood veneers are seen adorning both modern and traditional furniture pieces, tabletops, built-in cabinetry, feature walls and more. But did you know that wood veneer lends itself perfectly to gorgeous ornamentation on musical instruments of all kinds, such as guitars and violins? It’s also perfect for decorating drums, where it adds both beauty and character.

The great look and feel of wood veneer on instruments makes the entire musical experience that much richer, for player and listener alike.

Wood Veneer on Drums is a Class Act

Adding a paperbacked veneer to a drum set you already own is easier than you think. Choose and purchase your favourite wood veneer from a trusted manufacturer and follow a few straightforward steps, as follows. Adding veneer to drums is a great way to rock an outdated set, making it look new again and beyond beautiful. It’s also an ideal way to add personal style to your drums, even when you’re on a budget.Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

A Few Basics for Veneering Your Drums

  • wood veneer on drumsProper preparation – Once you’ve selected and received the wood veneer of your choice and a container of contact cement, the next thing you need to do is prepare the drum set by removing the heads, hardware, and air vents. Once these are removed, you can then remove the wraps using a hair dryer. When this is finished, the various pieces in your drum set should be ready for veneer application.
  • Make sure to measure – Once the drums are prepped, you’ll need to make a plan on paper. Don’t skip this step. Measure the drums and take note of the measurements to ensure that they are accurate for when you cut the wood veneers. The next step is to tape the bearing edges and…
  • It’s a stick-up!  Apply the wood veneer to the drums with contact cement. Trim excess material and apply two coats of clear coating. When the coating has dried, trace in around ¼ inch for the final cut. Also, drill holes for the hardware via the existing holes. The last step is to return the heads, hardware and air vents. Your drum set should now be looking good as new and fully ready to impress!

Wood Veneer on Drums Can’t be Beat!

wood veneer on drumsThe look and feel of the drum set, or any instrument for that matter, plays a significant part in your craft as a musician. Special tip: drums are especially attractive when enhanced with Figured Walnut or Cherry and Birds Eye Maple veneers. Remember, no two drum sets sound exactly the same, so why should they look alike?

Burl or figured veneers are particularly good for drum sets because they complement round curves and add extra visual interest and appeal. When your drum set looks über elegant and modern, it doesn’t hurt your confidence when wielding the sticks! Let gorgeous wood veneer bring a whole new level of appreciation to the instrument you love.

And finally, if you are not into doing this yourself, there is great selection of professional drum makers that use beautiful veneers!


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