Exotic Wood Veneers

wood veneerExotic wood veneer is popular in all forms of interior design for homes, corporations and commercial spaces. The warmth and natural beauty of the veneer creates a luxurious and inviting feel.

Exotic wood veneers are great design elements as they can be incorporated into any kind of aesthetic, from modern to classic. The grains can be matched into many different styles which makes it easy to find the right effect to suit your vision.

If you want something unique and truly special for your living or work space, adding a fantastic feature wall made of exotic wood veneer is a great idea.

The Herzog Advantage

Ebony writing desk For many years, Herzog Veneers has been providing the best exotic wood veneers, along with superb domestic varieties, to the world.

Whether you are an interior designer, an architect, yacht builder/designer, aircraft manufacturer, cabinet or instrument artisan, or a hobbyist; our vast selection of high quality veneers will keep you coming back for more.
Ebony writing deskWe are also the only company that has a real-time online inventory that showcases all of the products that we currently have available. It allows you to view the exact sizes, dimensions and shapes of the veneers. Both raw veneer and paperbacked stock are available to view online.

Use our PanelWizard® program to create virtual panels with various matches that can be downloaded onto various 3D rendering programs to see what the final product could look like.

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