Hickory Cabinets Bring a Warm Glow into Your Home

hickory cabinetsHickory is one of the hardest and strongest woods available and is particularly noted for its durability and impact resistance. These factors make it an excellent choice for cabinets, panels and surfaces in high traffic areas of your home or office.

Hickory is renowned for the strong and striking contrast between its pale sapwood and pinkish to brown heartwood. Interior decorators often highlight this attractive contrast to create a dramatic effect and to bring particular warmth into your kitchen and other living areas.

Hickory can be either rustic or clear. Hickory rustic grade might have knots, bird-peck and color streaks while the clear grade would have a uniform color with tight growth rings and very little contrast.

Wood Veneers vs. Solid Lumber

Wood veneer has a number of distinct advantages over solid lumber, which should be taken into account when decorating your home or office:

  • Solid lumber is prone to warping and splitting whereas wood veneer is far more stable.
  • Because of the scarcity of exotic woods, lumber has become very expensive. Wood veneer is an attractive alternative to solid wood and is much more affordable.
  • A veneered piece of furniture is usually a lot lighter and therefore easier to move or transport than the solid wood equivalent.
  • Wood veneer mounted on the right substrate does not distort and has the ability to withstand varying temperature and humidity.

Hickory Wood Veneer

HickoryHickory has a distinctive look that is sought after by woodworkers and interior decorators alike. Hickory wood veneers harness all the beauty and durability of the wood, giving a rich and warm finish to your cabinets and furniture, and opening up a whole new range of options, where projects can evolve into virtual works of art. Hickory veneered furniture projects an image of elegance and sophistication.

Interior Decorating with Hickory Wood Veneer

Hickory can add a cozy, rustic feel to any kitchen, dining room, den or other living space.

From a design perspective, you have the option of introducing colorful decorative crockery and other accents or artwork to provide great counterpoints to the boldness of the hickory wood.

When considering cabinet finishes for your kitchen, it’s inspiring to know that hickory goes well with granite countertops. You can highlight a more rustic theme by using accessories such as doorknobs and drawer handles made from brass, copper, wrought iron or ceramics. Hickory cabinets introduce a new level of style that will enhance the value and overall appeal of your home. With hickory wood veneer, why not achieve the same stunning effect at a much lower price?


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