Hickory Dickory Dock: Discover the Pluses of Hickory Veneer

wood veneersOne of the strongest hardwoods in North America is hickory (from the genus Carya), [means nut in Greek], which is why this wood is used successfully for numerous applications, from kitchen cabinets and tool handles to drumsticks and hardwearing veneers.

When selecting a veneer, it’s hard to keep track of all the wood species available, along with their particular qualities. What makes hickory veneer different from other wood veneers?

What is Hickory Wood Like?

wood veneersAs with most kinds of wood, there are different types of hickory. Some can be found in Asia and Mexico, but predominantly this species grows in North America. The characteristics of hickory wood vary a fair bit. Of all hickory species, the fastest and largest growing is pecan. The growth rings in this wood are subdued and tight, due to the generally slow growth rate of northern trees, particular in comparison with most tropical species. Hickory has lighter sapwood and a creamy to pinkish brown heartwood. Normally the grain is straight but at times can be irregular or wavy. Its growth rings are not as prominent as the ones in ash and oak.

Because this hardwood has high shock resistance, it tends to be popular for use in the manufacturing of sporting goods like gymnastic bars and in the past, for skies. It is also commonly used for smoking meats, for making skewers, and for fuel. Hickory is great for boring wood and is rated high for bending.

wood veneers

Clear hickory is harder to find, more common is the rustic hickory that has color streaks, bird peck and knots. When hickory veneer is polished, it has a brilliant luster that makes it great for home interior features such as furniture and panels. Hickory’s tough, resilient characteristics are a plus, and since it is available in North America, this type of wood is reasonably priced and generally costs less than oak.


Let Hickory Veneer Spark Your Imagination

wood veneersIn the wood veneer world, hickory veneer in particular is a good choice especially if you want something that not only looks fantastic but is durable at the same time. You can use it on cabinets and other furniture, as well as in marquetry inlay and much more. With a supply of high quality, easy to apply hickory veneer fashioned by a discerning manufacturer, you can have that handsome hickory clock in no time at all. Preferably without the mouse…!

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