How about Wood Veneer for Classy Kitchen Cabinets?

kitchen cabinetsYou probably know that wood veneers are used in numerous ways, to enhance the look and feel of various items and interior spaces. Wondering if wood veneer also works well for kitchen cabinets? The answer is a definite yes. Using this material in any kitchen helps to create an incomparable welcoming atmosphere that makes meal prep and gathering together more relaxing and enjoyable.

There’s no doubt that for most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. With versatile wood veneer, you can make it classic or contemporary, and exclusively yours. When Martha Stewart herself, the iconic maven of good taste and quality on the home front, uses gorgeous English Harewood also called fiddleback grey dyed English Sycamore veneer for her own redesigned kitchen, how can you go wrong?

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets with Striking Wood Veneer

Or, keep it more traditional! Part of the appeal of using wood veneer for kitchen cabinets is its versatility. An endless variety of attractive choices lets you select the exact tone, grain, pattern and overall mood that you’re seeking, from a sleek and modern update to that homey, family-friendly style. A simple remodeling project can completely transform the look and feel of your cooking and dining area into not only a special space where you’ll enjoy preparing and sharing family meals, but a real showpiece that tops the wow-factor with its warmth and sophistication.

Wood veneer is easy to use and straightforward to apply, which is why so many artisans and skilled do-it-yourselfers alike love to use it to update the facades of kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts.  If DIY’s not your thing, there are plenty of skilled and experienced cabinet makers who will apply any wood veneer you choose to boost the beauty of your kitchen.

Wood Veneer: Practical and Affordable

kitchen cabinetsThere’s much to recommend: wood veneer, applied to the right substrate, doesn’t distort and is able to withstand everyday kitchen conditions, such as humidity and ranging temperatures. The cleaning and maintenance of veneer is very easy; it’s practically effortless! High quality veneers are relatively less costly than solid wood of the same species, making them the ideal practical, attractive and less expensive material to use on cabinets of any style. Who knew that in addition to earning top marks for great form and function, wood veneer for kitchens is also economical and ecological?

Imagine your dream kitchen: soft-toned walls setting off gorgeous granite countertops, all blending beautifully with the warmth and natural appeal of veneer on every cabinet. Complete the effect with just the right task and mood lighting, and you won’t believe your eyes.

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