Instrument Design with Veneers

Natural Wood Veneers Embody the Beauty of Musical Instrument Design

Walking into any music shop the look of natural veneer radiates from the instruments showcased on display. Musical artists exhibit truly unique talents, and so what better way to match the creativity of their music with the appearance of their instrument.
From drums to violins, veneer has showcased beautiful finishes for generations. The acoustic guitar is well known for its fine veneer finish. As a musical instrument designer the options for you are endless when using natural wood veneers.
From domestic to exotic to rare wood veneer selections, Herzog Veneers has over 150 types of different wood veneer species and types to choose from.
Produce elegant instruments that will entice any artist, or even an enthusiast, to proudly play and display your original instrument design. Create a unique and beautifully decorated showpiece. Musical instruments need to be durable and strong, considering they will most likely be mobile. Apart from its beauty, wood veneer stands the test of time, while maintaining its lustrous appearance. Even vintage instruments that are found as treasures in antique shops still proudly wear their veneer finishes with pride. These emblems of the past display the tried and true value of using natural wood veneer on musical instruments.

The Benefits of Using Natural Wood Veneers – Violins

Instrument VeneerViolins primarily use spruce and maple veneer. Spruce is lightweight, longitudinally strong and laterally flexible creating optimal sound production. The vertical graining found in natural Spruce veneer is also inevitably eye-catching.
Maple is commonly used for the back, sides and neck of the violin as it is generally cut radially and creates powerful sound through its natural wavy fibers.
On a finished instrument Maple veneer produces an enticing optical effect highlighting the woods natural features playing up the”fiddleback” “flame” or “curl” details.

Quality in Sound and Aesthetic – Guitars

Making a guitar from indifferent-sounding material is always a risk when manufacturing stringed instruments.
Using wood veneer, the original wonder fiber, is ideal in creating exceptionally good looking and sounding guitars. The use of Poplar wood creates a beautiful crisp and spirited sound that starts with ease and truly sings. Mahogany, on the other hand, offers a smoldering tone and vast acoustic range that registers in the deep to upper octaves.
Not only does wood veneer provide sound quality, it portrays great beauty. Maple’s wave like wood grain plays with the eye, displaying curly breathtaking patterns that can’t help but generate interest.

Set Your Signature Center Stage – Drums

Music has contributed greatly to past and present culture; the look and feel of musical instruments has been paramount in the initial attraction to the craft.
Drums have been the foundation of the music world for generations and work very well with maple, cherry, walnut and exotic veneers. Exclusivity is achieved in the design of each drum, as no two drums will sound exactly alike.
Burl and figured veneers are ideal for drum sets as they complement the round curved shape of the drum. The natural design showcased in wood veneers creates an alluring look that produces interest and appeal. Set up your drum design center stage with exotic veneers; display your signature and let the quality of sound radiate through the audience. A whole new appreciation for music and the instruments themselves will be achieved.
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Beautiful Inlay Veneers on Music Instruments

Possibly one of the most beautiful things on an instrument is the stunning way in which the designers do wood veneer inlays.
From customized strips to elaborate and intricate designs in marquetry, a veneer inlay can add a higher level of artistry to an already artistic device.
Wood veneer inlay spans the ages, and has always been an innovative art form. From traditional, to the modern image of a rock star, a customized veneer inlay will make the instrument one-of-a-kind-unique and certainly add value.
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