Interior Design With Veneer

Exquisite Interior Design With Veneer is Contemporary & Stylish

Exotic wood veneers are growing in popularity with interior designers.

The variety and individual characteristics of natural wood veneers will never be duplicated in another home design since every piece of wood has different characteristics and patterns.

As the material of choice, wood veneer is a design professional’s ideal tool in creating exceptional interior elements that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and completely unique.

Using a quality decorative wood to improve the look of a structure is both cost effective and eco-friendly. Enhance a space and do your part for the environment by employing the functionality of exotic wood veneers.

Accessorize With Wood Veneers

Introducing natural wood accessories into an interior design is an exciting and unique way to enhance the image of any space. From classic to contemporary looks, Herzog Veneers’ domestic or dyed or exotic wood veneer will provide multiple diverse choices for specific looks.

Placing exotic veneers is an essential element in obtaining an elite design concept. Nothing gives the feel of elegance and luxury quite like wood veneer.

The Material of Choice: Versatile wood veneer is in!

When walking into a space wrapped in beautiful wood finishes, there is a sense of luxury and elegance. Adding interesting interior veneer enhanced accessories into a home allows endless interior design possibilities. Custom light fixtures, accent furniture pieces, and even ultra-modern wooden rugs are just a few interior accessory ideas that can be created using natural veneer.

Wood Veneer Patterns

Beautiful wood veneer has any number of aesthetically pleasing properties from color to texture. What if you can’t choose between your favorite wood veneer options? Creating a pattern from a variety of veneers is an excellent way to combine all of the properties you desire while creating a one of a kind design.

Have a “statement” table made that showcases a number of gorgeous natural veneer woods.

Leading Edge Contemporary Homes Use Wood Veneers in Interior Design

Well-designed modern homes are taking the use of natural veneers to the next level. Some people will visualize veneers and imagine outdated wood paneling in the basement of an aged suburban home. Little do they know that many high end social designers are utilizing wood veneer surfaces in state-of-the-art interior design, and are making use of exotic veneers in conjunction with glass and steel, marble and cement accents for a modern twist of contrast.

Interior Design Elements From Commercial Spaces

That sleek looking lobby with plush accessories and elegant hotel room custom furniture are likely to have natural veneer properties included in the overall design to obtain that compelling aesthetic.

All of these rich finishing ideas are making their way into the modern home. Professional design elements are much more accessible than they have been in the past; especially the use of exotic veneers considering its overall value, versatility, and visual appeal.

Cabinets Using Veneers

Showcased throughout the homes of celebrity’s and frequenting the best design shows on TV, custom wood veneer cabinetry is essential in any new or renovated home. Create the ultimate gorgeous storage unit that will suit the needs of any home owner and be beautiful too. Additional closet space will instantly add great value to homes, and by using natural veneers these custom cabinets will look incredible and have immense functionality. Durability, aesthetic and eco-friendly properties places natural veneer cabinetry amongst the most desirable interior design upgrades in the housing market and add value to the home.

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