Martha Stewart’s Kitchen Design in Bedford

Martha Stewart's Kitchen VeneerMartha gets a lot of questions about her houses, especially the one in Bedford, Westchester, New York. It’s the busiest room of her home as you can imagine. The way it is decorated and organized is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also accommodates efficiency in the kitchen.

The design of Martha Stewart’s kitchen has a light, uncluttered feel to it as she utilizes many drawers and two islands to maximize space. In detailing, she uses a beautiful paint color which she has called Bedford Gray. It matches the kitchen veneer color which creates a coordinated look; but not only in the kitchen – the same color of paint is used around her 155 acre Bedford Estate for a fully coordinated effect.

Type of Veneer Used in Martha Stewart’s Kitchen Design

The type of exquisite wood veneer Martha Stewart chose to accentuate the look and feel of her Bedford Estate kitchen is called Fiddleback Sycamore which is dyed gray. Other common names include English Harewood veneer, English Sycamore veneer and European Sycamore veneer. This type of veneer conveys a sleek and sophisticated design. To view this exact veneer click here. Also see dyed paperbacked veneer sheets.

The texture of the dyed gray English Harewood veneer creates depth in the overall look of the kitchen design. This color in particular compliments the white marble counter tops, stainless steel appliances and marble flooring. The entire gray toned kitchen displays a fresh, soft, welcoming feel.

Veneer Inspired – Create Your Dream Kitchen

Martha Stewart's KitchenWith wood veneers, you have endless opportunities to create an exclusive design for your dream kitchen, by utilizing the many colors and textures that veneer can offer.

Take into consideration how Martha Stewart designed her kitchen. She uses different tones of gray not only as the color on her walls and cabinets but also with her kitchen furniture and kitchen decor.

Whatever type of wood veneer you choose for your dream look, you will certainly have a unique kitchen design that’s all your own.

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