Nautically Nice: Use Wood Veneer for Incomparable Boat Interiors

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Fine wood veneer finishes have added unparalleled luxury and elegance to classy homes, hotels and restaurants for many years. Large cruise ships have used decorative veneers for years to convey a feeling of luxury and exclusivity. Take it a step further, to the marina where your yacht is moored, and discover how easily a touch of utter opulence can be added to its interior, including walls, cabinets and more.

A Dazzling Variety of Veneer Options for Your Yacht

One of the best things about using wood veneers for marine craft of any kind is the impressive selection of colours, patterns and beautiful natural grain. A reputable supplier of wood veneers will offer a full range of dyed, domestic, exotic and recomposed veneers that can work wonders in enhancing a yacht’s intimate and opulent interior. Your choice depends entirely on the look you wish to create, from a classic vintage ambiance to streamlined contemporary simplicity.

Specify or ask for sequence-matched panels, this creates a continuous, elegant look and adds more value than randomly selected panels that were produced from different logs.

Create a Luxurious Experience on Board

Whatever design or style you select, top quality, skillfully applied wood veneers will only increase the value and personality of your boat. Yacht veneer lets you display your personal taste while achieving a completely custom feel.

Tips for Applying Wood Veneer on Yachts

If you’re a DIY aficionado and would like to try your hand at applying yacht veneer, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

yacht veneer

Northern Marine Inc. Anacortes, WA

  1. Be sure to carefully and thoroughly measure the areas where the veneer will be applied. Make clear notes to help keep track of what goes where.
  2. Before applying the veneer, place it inside the craft and let it get used to experiencing the marine environment for at least two full days before beginning the installation.
  3. Use a good quality marine adhesive to ensure that the veneer will stick properly.
  4. Always ensure that the grain of the wood is running in the direction you want prior to gluing it in place, with subsequently placed pieces in accordance with the natural flow of the pattern.
  5. Work in a well-ventilated area and make sure before starting the project that all of the proper tools needed are at hand.

A gorgeous wood veneer interior will definitely ramp up the overall look and value of any yacht. If you are a boat enthusiast who loves to invite guests on board, this is a great way to create the ultimate setting for cruising in comfort and sophistication.

Sabrina Parisette-HerzogSabrina Parisette-Herzog is a 5th generation wood veneer specialist. Owner and President of Herzog Veneers, Inc., and a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, she and her husband Sam started the company in High Point, NC in 1982.
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