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ebony wood veneer design

Create the Matchless Aesthetic of Natural Wood with Residential Design Veneers

Bring the unique, natural beauty of wood into homes with exotic veneers. Using the natural aesthetic of wood in the home can truly restore vitality within a space. Implement veneers into home designs as accents or use them to create a distinguished feature.

Elegant lighting can reveal the natural attributes of the wood by highlighting the unique characteristics of each piece. Achieve any look you wish, whether it be modern or traditional, pairing veneer with any material from stone to steel will create the perfect rendition of your design vision. View our video on working with this beautiful ebony wood veneer

Nothing Says Custom Like Beautiful Wood Veneer Designs

Custom is becoming THE option for the modern homeowner.

With design expertise exotic veneers can accommodate all coveted additions to the home.

Exotic veneers offer various styles, textures, and colors within each piece. Whether it be burls or long woods each veneer offers a unique eye catching appeal wherever you choose to showcase their charm.

Create an edge and stand out by providing a luxurious aesthetic in the home. Let your imagination run wild and obtain any look you strive to achieve with this versatile material.

Custom displays, cupboards, doors, or even stairs will no longer be unique additions to the home but must haves. With exotic wood finishes at your fingertips your design will be like nothing else on the market and bring you one step ahead of the home design competition. Bring a space or an entire home to life with beautiful veneers.

Fabulous Interior Design Can Be Accomplished with Veneers

Exotic veneers are amongst the most multifaceted materials available to home design professionals. Enhance the look of absolutely anything in the home.

Take a page from Martha Stewart’s book and make kitchen cabinets and cupboards catch your attention rather than blend in. Unique wood veneers make the impossible possible by giving ordinary objects a wow factor within the home.

Create a feature wall behind a home entertainment system or a backsplash in the kitchen. Reface the bar in the “man cave” to give it a modern or even masculine feel. Make a statement; create an impressionable space that will leave any homeowner excited while highlighting the expertise of your own design services.

Accent or Feature?

Natural veneers in home design can refine or completely transform your living space. A unique lamp, piece of furniture, or beam can pose as excellent accents to a home. Using exotic veneers to enhance small additions to your home can energize an entire room with a unique edge.

Create a statement wall using geometric properties with natural veneers, or face the front of a custom entertainment unit. Exotic veneers can be used in many ways to create that certain “look” you would like to achieve. By utilizing the natural patterns found in the wood, many forms of symmetry can be used in your designs.

For example, a feature wall may showcase radial symmetry, having symmetry around a fixed point creating a beautiful effect, such as this lovely Macassar Ebony Diamond match wall.

On the other hand, when using veneers to accent a space, bilateral symmetry (Book Match) also works very well. In essence, some exotic veneer patterns can even give the striking illusion of various animal prints.

The diversity and appeal of using natural wood veneers in the home provides the capability to achieve any look one desires, while vastly broadening the scope of creativity. Customizing the home design outcome is easy with wood veneers.

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