teak wood

wood veneerThe word “teak” was derived from the Malayalam word “thekku” and in Bengali, India, is called “segun.” Tectona grandis is the scientific name of teak, which belongs to the Lamiaceae family of wood. Teak is a big, flower-bearing deciduous tree found in mixed hardwood forests. Its flowers are white and fragrant, and its leaves are almost flimsy in texture. Freshly milled teak wood often smells like leather.

Teak is grown mainly in tropical countries, with the primary producer of teak veneer and other teak wood products being Indonesia. Other countries where teak is naturally grown are Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, India and Malaysia. Africa and several regions in the Caribbean also cultivate teak for furniture and luxury products.

Uses and Properties of Teak Wood

Teak wood is valued not only for its good looks, but also for its incredible durability. The natural oils it produces make it resistant to Continue Reading…

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