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In addition to handsomely enhancing furniture pieces, a feature wall with wood veneers will add a fabulous focal point and modern touch. Wood veneers are beautiful finishes for various surfaces and areas in your home, including the walls. If you want something unique and truly special for your living space, adding a fantastic feature wall to your home’s architectural design is a great idea.

A wood veneer feature wall in an office or other commercial setting can be an interior design architectural statement or simply an effective and functional use of design space to create a sense of comfort.

A Feature Wall with Wood Veneer Creates Character

Most people think of walls as basically just slabs that separate one room from another, and therefore not terribly interesting or attractive in themselves. But these days, the various wood species, colors and patterns of veneer products are extremely varied and nothing short of remarkable.

A beautifully designed wood veneer feature wall instantly adds more character and style to any room, including dining and entertainment areas, media rooms, master bedrooms and entranceways.

A wood veneer feature wall displays the warmth and character that only the look Continue Reading…


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