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HIGH POINT — For more than 30 years, Herzog Veneers has helped furniture companies gain access to some of the most beautiful veneers from around the world.

The company currently supplies about 70 species grown and harvested largely in Europe and North America. When adding various dyed, figured and re-composed varieties, the number of veneers more than doubles to about 150.

Founded in 1982, the company has undergone a number of changes over the years including the shift to an online business model that provides customers real-time information about wood species that are in inventory.

Its website, www.veneeronline.com, has about 14,000 images including full-length shots and close-ups of available product ranging from Afrormosia (African teak) to zebrawood.

The shift to online occurred largely as part of an effort to better serve its customers, which in addition to furniture manufacturers also includes architects, panel makers, designers and boat and aircraft manufacturers.

In the 1980s and through much of the ’90s, furniture represented as much as 80% of its business. Then as U.S. furniture plants began to close and production began to move overseas in the late ’90s, this dwindled to as low as 10% of volume, said Sam Parisette-Herzog, vice president.

“I can’t tell you it wasn’t painful,” he said. “It almost vanished.”

Around the same time, Sabrina Parisette-Herzog, president and owner, realized the company could thrive by offering its remaining customers real time information and images of in-stock product.

The company did have an electronic database of its inventory. That way a customer like Henredon could call and pick up an order of veneers that same day.

Showing customers photos online not only told them what was in stock, but also allowed them to see exactly what they were purchasing without having to come to High Point.

Since its launch in 2000, the website has undergone at least two upgrades and soon will be ready for the latest, which will allow customers to use credit cards to purchase product from a shopping cart. The couple expects this to better serve customers in the U.S. and abroad, including Europe, Asia and South America.

Today, due to improvements in the economy and expansion of the customer base domestically and globally, furniture is once again approaching 50% of the company’s business.

“In terms of quantities, we started out doing a lot of furniture,” Sabrina said. “A lot went overseas, and now we see it coming back.”

hickory cabinetsHickory is one of the hardest and strongest woods available and is particularly noted for its durability and impact resistance. These factors make it an excellent choice for cabinets, panels and surfaces in high traffic areas of your home or office.

Hickory is renowned for the strong and striking contrast between its pale sapwood and pinkish to brown heartwood. Interior decorators often highlight this attractive contrast to create a dramatic effect and to bring particular warmth into your kitchen and other living areas.

Hickory can be either rustic or clear. Hickory rustic grade might have knots, bird-peck and color streaks while the clear grade would have a uniform color with tight growth rings and very little contrast.

Wood Veneers vs. Solid Lumber

Wood veneer has a number of distinct advantages over solid lumber, which should be taken into account when decorating your home or Continue Reading…

Dyed Madrona BurlOne of the pleasures of being a homeowner comes from finding that perfect look and mood for a room. Every space is a tantalizingly blank palette, just waiting to be accented with color and the incomparable appeal of authentic wood grain, according to your personal taste and imagination.

Vat dyed veneers have the advantage of the color penetrating through the whole thickness of the veneer. Thus, the grain is enhanced and only simple clear coat finishes are required. With bleaching and dying a much larger color pallet is possible than with just surface staining.

Suggestions for Dyed Veneers, Both Subtle and Bold

  • Ash dyed veneer in a fresh looking green would look terrific on kitchen cabinet fronts
  • You might prefer the tawny taupe of dyed Koto wood, a warm and subtle look for cabinets or tables
  • Koto dyed veneer in a glorious and warm bright orange enhance built-in shelving in a family room or den – especially effective in Continue Reading…

Birds Eye Bar
Birdseye is a distinctive and intriguing pattern resembling small swirling eyes in the grain of wood. It occurs naturally in a several types of wood, but predominantly in sugar maple (Acer saccharum).

Birdseye patterns can vary in shape from round to oval to a streaky raindrop form. The small oblong ones are commonly referred to as “rice eyes” and the larger or contrastier eyes that have a shadow or halo around them are called “whale eyes”.
The spacing also varies a great deal from tree to tree, making each unique. There are several unproven theories on how the Birdseye phenomenon occurs. One is Bird Peck or fungus. Another theory is when sap starts to run in the spring , the sudden alternating thawing and freezing of this sap could cause indentations in the grain.  Scientists are still at a loss to fully explain just how these fascinating characteristics occur.

The birdseye occur radially and to take advantage of this characteristic the logs are mostly sliced on a rotary lathe. In production a score line is cut lengthwise into the log, preferably where there is a defect or less eye concentration, like that the consecutive sheets can be assembled in sequence.

The Appeal of Birdseye Maple

Birds Eye ShowcaseBirdseye maple is a magnificent and beautiful wood which is also very rare, occurring in less than 0.1% of all sugar maple trees. Maple is a very hard wood and Continue Reading…

wood veneerThe wood of the European walnut (Juglans regia) has a gorgeous iridescent appearance and is in high demand. Even as a relatively costly type of wood, many discerning craftsmen and architects use it for its bold statement. Wood veneer made from European walnut is commonly used for interiors, paneling, cabinetry, and various furniture pieces.

Invaluable Info about European Walnut

Fully-grown walnut trees are beautiful, with large, heavy-leaved foliage and wide-spreading branches. The leaves have a rich and Continue Reading…

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