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black wood veneersWhether for classy clothing, sleek cars or dramatic home décor, black is a classic that never goes out of style. Its sophistication and elegance is timeless, with the added advantage of going with practically anything. One of the hot style trends gaining popularity in home design today is the use of black wood veneers for standout furniture and other features.

In and of itself, wood veneer is modern, beautiful and stylish. Whatever the space you’re creating, top quality wood veneers will introduce a strong sense of luxury and an appealing organic feel to your home. There’s just something about the look and texture of a natural wood veneer that can’t be beat.

In addition to the myriad array of beautiful browns, tempting tans and gorgeous greys shades available, savvy home decorators are Continue Reading…

Many people automatically think that anything made out of solid wood is preferable and superior to other materials, such as wood veneer or plywood. Although solid wood certainly is ideal for some projects, there are also instances when wood veneers are far more appropriate.

Why Veneer is More Practical and Effective for Some Projects

  • Stability – wood veneersWood veneer panels are stable and have less risk of warping in comparison to solid wood that could become deformed due to humidity or other extreme conditions. Wood veneer is glued to a secure material, such as particle board, plywood, or MDF (medium density fiberboard) so it does not split or warp like solid wood. Note that there should be a veneer backer on the reverse side of the veneered material to ensure that it is stable. This backer ( also called a balanced back) should correspond in thickness and specie to the face veneer.
  • Sequence – Ability – Due to the thinness of the veneer the pattern changes very slightly from one sheet to the next, allowing a repetition of a pattern over a large surface area. This is also called sequence matched numbered panels, commonly referred to as Continue Reading…

Bamboo veneerIt’s not hard to understand the growing admiration for the good looks and functionality of bamboo veneer. Actually considered a grass, bamboo grows very quickly and may be re-harvested every three or more years. From an environmental point of view, it is therefore a rapidly renewable and sustainable resource.

Bamboo products have been used for years in many Asian countries where the species is typically grown. The plants produce an attractive and highly versatile material that has been steadily gaining wider availability and popularity in other parts of the world, especially where a certain Asian allure and esthetic is appreciated.

How Does Bamboo Become Bamboo Veneer?

Bamboo veneers are made from slicing bamboo stems lengthwise. These raw materials are dried and processed, compressed, and then glued together to Continue Reading…

wood veneer on drumsVarious wood veneers are seen adorning both modern and traditional furniture pieces, tabletops, built-in cabinetry, feature walls and more. But did you know that wood veneer lends itself perfectly to gorgeous ornamentation on musical instruments of all kinds, such as guitars and violins? It’s also perfect for decorating drums, where it adds both beauty and character.

The great look and feel of wood veneer on instruments makes the entire musical experience that much richer, for player and listener alike.

Wood Veneer on Drums is a Class Act

Adding a paperbacked veneer to a drum set you already own is easier than you think. Choose and purchase your favourite wood veneer from Continue Reading…

wood veneersWood veneers are basically thin wood layers that are affixed to various surfaces, such as tabletops and other furniture, doors, built-in cabinetry, musical instruments and much more. Essentially, veneers are popularly used to enhance the appearance of any number of different objects and spaces.

Backed veneers are ready to use, time saving and yield like standard sheet stock.

In addition to choosing between the various colors and patterns of a tremendous array of beautiful kinds of wood, there is another decision to make. Between the two most commonly used veneer backings, which should you be going with for your particular project: paperback or polyback? Learn more about these two types of backed veneers to help you determine what’s best for your needs.

Paperback: Have a “Good Read” about Wood Veneers

As the name suggests, paperback wood veneers are basically veneers that are permanently backed on paper. The benefit of using them is that they are mostly available in 4×8 or 4×10  sheets, because the individual narrower veneer leaves are Continue Reading…

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