The Marvelous Wood Veneer Maintenance

Proper care is needed to preserve and maintain the beautiful finished look of wood veneer, but don’t be intimidated. It’s simpler than you might think.

Care and Cleaning of Wood Veneer

wood veneer maintenanceDon’t take it personally, but wood veneer and solid wood furniture have three natural enemies: moisture, sunlight and you. Various finishes require different cleaning techniques and you should always follow the manufacturer’s wood veneer maintenance recommendations. Here are some general tips on cleaning and caring for your veneers:

  • When it comes to caring for your veneered surfaces, simple is best. To remove light dust, debris and residue from wood veneers, dampen a microfiber or cotton cloth and wring it out well to remove excess water. Use the barely damp cloth to wipe the veneer following the direction of the wood grain. Use a dry microfiber or cotton cloth to wipe dry.
  • When necessary, use a mix of water and a tiny amount of a mild product, such as Murphy Oil Soap.
  • Many popular furniture polishes contain wax, silicone, and ammonia and should be avoided. Wax builds up over time, leading to a cloudy and uneven appearance, and silicone can leave behind an unsightly pale residue that destroys furniture finishes. Ammonia can cause wood to crack, split, and change color.
  • Dust regularly between cleanings; dust is surprisingly abrasive and can cause tiny scratches that dull the appearance of furniture.

Wood Veneer: More on Wood Veneer Maintenance

  • Mats and coasters offer the best protection from scratches and water marks.
  • Avoid chipping veneer, and don’t set heavy objects on it that might scratch or score the surface.
  • Many items in your home such as paint, wallpaper, and most furniture items change color over time due to aging and direct UV exposure. This can also be true of wood veneers, depending on the finish that was used. If your furniture is in a spot that gets a lot of sun, rotate it every few months if you can to ensure even coloration. If that isn’t an option, provide protection from direct sun with blinds, curtains or UV screens.
  • wood veneer maintenance

  • Never place HOT items on any wood surface!

Keep Wood Veneers Looking Their Best

Since wood veneers are relatively thin, it is important to treat them with care, just as you would with any natural wood. Follow the tips above, and remember that mild and gentle are your best basic guidelines for lustrous and long-lasting veneer.


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