Up and Away: Add Striking Wood Veneer to Aircraft Interiors

Wood Veneer in an Aircraft InteriorIt’s widely known that wood veneer is used to enhance many different items and features, from furniture and fixed cabinetry to fine original crafts and even musical instruments. But did you know that the eye-catching appeal and versatility of wood veneer also makes it ideal for use in the décor of high-end aircraft?

Think about it. Obviously, aircraft are designed to fly and do so more efficiently without additional unnecessary weight. Utilizing wood veneer for aircraft interiors is not only great weight-wise but terrific on the esthetic front.

Wood Veneer: Choices for the Choosy

Wood veneer comes in an astounding array of rich tones, both subtle and bold, as well as a variety of stunning patterns and grains such as burls or long-woods that can be arranged in various patterns like book matches or all the way to a spectacular star-burst. It is also possible to custom aniline dye veneers to spectacular colors similar to the same process used on leather. The dye process can enhance the existing grains, such as Birds Eye Maple or fiddle-back Sycamore.

Aircraft Interiors: How and Where to Use Wood Veneer

Choose the very best places to accent and showcase the beauty of wood veneer, such as:
Wood Veneer Aircraft Interior

  • Cockpit doors
  • Cabin side panels
  • Table-Tops and chair backs
  • Drawers and cabinets
  • Galley and bar areas
  • Bulkheads and Walls
  • Sleeping quarters

In any environment, wood is always warm and attractive, and today’s high quality wood veneers
represent the top 3% of the best logs available that find their way into helicopters, private and corporate jets and transport for heads-of-state.

Wood Veneer Adds Luxury to Any Aircraft

When it comes to something as high tech and mechanically complex as an airplane, why be boring on the inside? Avoid surrounding passengers and crew with the usual off-white plastic, flamboyant carpeting and other synthetic materials typically seen in so many private and commercial aircraft.

Wood veneer is fashioned to showcase the exquisite natural qualities of various kinds of wood, from the beauty of Birds Eye Maple to the distinctive grain and delicate tones of Mappa Burl. If you choose a unique grain, it is possible to have a one of kind aircraft.

It’s hard to beat the pleasing richness of a gleaming wood finish with its own natural depth. Wood veneer adds class, especially when combined with leather seats and lush upholstery. Revel in elegance and opulence; sit back and enjoy the flight.


Sabrina Parisette-HerzogSabrina Parisette-Herzog is a 5th generation wood veneer specialist. Owner and President of Herzog Veneers, Inc., and a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, she and her husband Sam started the company in High Point, NC in 1982.
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