Wood Marquetry Veneer Design

One style of applying wood veneer in a decorative manor is called Marquetry. Herzog Veneers specializes in wood veneers ideal for your marquetry designs that can be incorporated into endless possibilities, among them, furniture, pictures, accessories, instruments, and panels.

The Art of Wood Marquetry


Art Deco Detail – Craig Thibodeau, Winner of the Craftsman Challenge Award 2013

Marquetry is the term given to the art of placing strips and pieces of wood veneer to create a decorative pattern or design. “Old School” traditional marquetarians use very fine and sharp tools to cut shapes into colorful pieces of wood veneer. These shapes are then fit together similar to a mosaic or a jigsaw puzzle to make a picture much like a painting. Various decorative veneer grains and hues are used or combined with other materials, such as mother-of-pearl, semiprecious stones or metals like copper, silver or aluminum. Marquetry designs can be featured in wooden furniture to add a prestigious effect or simply be framed and hung on a wall. Incorporated into paneling for yachts, aircraft, corporate logos, or billiard tables; they add valuable decorative elements.

Marquetry Advancements Increase Design Intricacy

The craft of wood inlay has been around for centuries and is still practiced today. Over time, efficiency and precision of the Marquetry craft have increased due to technological advances such as the fretsaw. Latest state-of-the-art laser technology has transformed the production of inlay lines, custom borders, decorative medallions and fancy faces. What once took a marquetarian weeks to construct can now be produced in larger quantities and with more efficiency. Today’s marquetry artists can be much more creative in their designs as they are no longer limited by traditional tools.

IMG_2761_clipped_rev_1The art thrived in Florence, Italy, and other parts of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries and expanded to France where the Gobelins Manufactory made special furniture for Versailles. The wood used by Marquetarians is collected from hundreds of species of trees worldwide.

Marquetry is an art, and each artist chooses his or her preference of types and colors of wood veneers to use. For instance, sand shading can be used to create a three-dimensional effect. One technique is to heat approximately an inch of “sharp edged silver sand” (available in pet stores) over an electric hot plate and dip the edge of the veneer into the sand. Pouring hot sand onto ‘masked off’ veneer is another method used to create delicate shading. Herzog Veneers provides artists with a wide selection of quality wood veneers that a marquetarian requires.

Modern Wood Marquetry Designs

Historical examples of intricate traditional marquetry are truly impressive. The interest for renewing this art is growing and many modern artists are combining marquetry elements with modern interior design sensibilities. Modern resorts and restaurants are using exquisite marquetry work as part of their interior design to create a bold and artistic feel that leaves a lasting impression.

Marquetry is starting to make a presence in modern day home design. Herzog Veneers provides the quality wood veneer necessary to incorporate intricate and advanced marquetry elements into your furniture, veneered feature walls, and much more. Keep your eyes open for designs and creative ways to incorporate marquetry features in your home or business.

Take a look at our Marquetry gallery to see more stunning examples of this form of art.

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