Yacht Veneer

Classic Distinction of Yacht Veneers

For generations fine wood finishes have been the definition of status, exclusivity, and elegance.

Showcased within the designs of luxury’s elite, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Bugatti, fine wood veneer finishes have unquestionably represented the true endowment of quality. From the Titanic to the James Bond-style sanctuary on water, exotic veneers have been a staple in interior and exterior boat and yacht design. With yachts being a key representation of freedom, adventure, and affluence, the design of the craft is paramount in achieving ultimate extravagance.

Combining craftsmanship and architectural skill with the use of natural veneers has become a benchmark in attaining awards in boat design, paying homage to the craft’s appeal and excellence. With the vast selection of exotic veneer designs we offer, paired with a creative mind, endless beautiful outcomes can be achieved.

Visual Confirmation – Creativity Starts Here

Herzog Veneers Inc. offers an abundance of exotic, domestic, rare wood, dyed and recomposed veneers. Using the PanelWizard®; on our website allows you to create a visual representation of what your selection will look like when pierced together. With the visual reference available, the creative process begins with the yacht design professional.

It’s time to set yourself apart from the competition, using exotic veneers in sequence with quality architecture and modern techniques can truly create something spectacular. “Wow” your audience using natural wood veneer to build taste and luxury that any boat enthusiast won’t be able to resist. Get inspired and envision the possibilities, get started on your next yacht design project today.

Yacht Interior – Create an Experience

Yacht devotees are beginning to look for that custom feel so they can truly showcase their exclusive personal style.

By utilizing exotic wood veneers and unique design features, from subtle to extravagant, every boat enthusiast will be able to find what they are longing for in the style of their craft. Advances in natural wood veneer and adhesive technology have an abundance of ongoing environmentally friendly properties.

This has allowed the continued use of the tried and true woodcraft that we continue to admire and appreciate, time and time again. The mark of excellence is sequenced matched veneer panels around the room.

As the use of both exotic and domestic veneers has endured, boat and yacht interiors are becoming more luxurious and high-end created with features anyone would envy.

Hide top of the line entertainment systems and other media behind beautiful veneer work allows the true beauty of the boat designer’s work to be admired. Genuine wood interiors and trims are well complimented with leather and chrome accents. Feature lighting can also bring the exotic veneers to life. The best of both worlds is being achieved using modern technology while showcasing the timeless finishes modern boat designers create with Herzog Veneers.

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